Engaging everything into smart future city platform

Managing tons of realtime data resources from all over the world
We introduce SOXFire, a multi-community city-wide sensor network for sharing social big sensor data in smart cities. The goal of SOXFire is to provide practical distributed and federated infrastructure for IoT sensor data sharing among various users/organizations in a way that is scalable, extensible, easy to use and secure with preserving privacy. SOXFire supports not only access to physical IoT sensors but also crowd sensing and SNS/Web sensing where city employees, citizen and WEB developers contributed in a different ways but unified APIs.

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Collaborating great ambisious researchers/experts
Nozaki Hiroki, Yutaro Kyono, Yin Chen, Yuuki Nishiyama, Jin Nakazawa and more.

Recent talk

Activate Urban Blood for Smarter Cities from Takuro Yonezawa
湘南地域IoT推進ラボの取り組み from Takuro Yonezawa